We build networks, applications and systems so businesses can run their best.
It's that simple. We diagnose, design and deploy solutions that work.


Our IT professionals have helped businesses of all types get the most from their IT investment. We provide quality network design, implementation, maintenance and support. For most clients, we also provide remote and on-site services as well as scheduled monitoring and optimization.

Your network and data infrastructure are fundamental to your business. Networks impact business efficiency, communications speed, teamwork, workflows, security and customer service. For some businesses, the network is the heart of all operations. Organizations that require compliance, financial information, customer records, group data access, and more all rely on network reliability for success.

Data is the lifeblood of modern business and a fundamental asset. For most businesses, your data might be your single most valuable asset. We make sure your data is healthy, secure, and accessible to your business operations and employees.

  • Right Size data and backup solutions to your specific needs
  • Employee training for storage best practices
  • Data Redundancy through local and cloud based backups
  • Daily monitoring of backups’ success and data restoration validation
  • Offsite storage / Media Management / rotation


Disaster Recovery plans are essential to modern businesses where data has become central to every day operations. A proper business continuity plan can restore infrastructure functionality in a few hours instead of a few days. The most costly aspect of a disaster is not always staff downtime; in most cases its the impact it has on your customer's operations and the loss of intellectual property. IAS has disaster recovery experts who meet with management and key business leaders to identify and prioritize critical components for restoration. We provide right-size solutions to allow for growth within the specified budget. We then review the plan periodically and test to ensure the system is working correctly.

There is an appropriate and affordable solution for everyone's data. To us, it's simple and smart to plan for emergencies. We all have enough to worry about, why worry about your data?

The internet is not a one-way street. Data also flows "into" your computer every time you go online. Virus protection is commonly misunderstood and many people who believe they are protected are still left vulnerable to Trojans and Malware. Even with updated versions of popular Anti-Virus software, spyware attacks can still slip by, leaving workstations crippled and confidential data stolen. Have you ever clicked an email attachment that seemed to do "nothing?” Chances are a Trojan was installed on your hard drive opening the door for someone to monitor your keystrokes, your emails, the sites you visit online and more. Smart businesses need a multi-point, multi-level monitoring system to prevent serious security issues.

  • Minimize operational downtime from infections
  • Prevent data theft or loss
  • Eliminate Security Intrusions
  • Optimize company-wide system performance / Bandwidth
  • Centralized Anti-Virus-Anti-Malware/Trojan Solutions
  • Firewall and Gateway Solutions
  • Rapid Crisis Recovery (Staff on-call)
  • Virus Protection Best Practice employee briefings


The productivity impact of spam on business operations is getting the attention of many organizations today. It's more than simply the productivity lost to employees deleting dozens, even hundreds of files each day. Much of the time, ends up impacting backup storage space and backup requirements.  Spam prevention and filtering aids in the efficiency of your team and overall business by:

  • Optimizing system performance
  • Maximizing backup space / bandwidth
  • Improving worker efficiency and message security
  • Protecting against virus delivery through spam

Lower your costs by reducing the amount of equipment necessary to run your company. For some businesses, there are benefits from server consolidation/virtualization. Depending on your specific situation and computer processing needs, you might easily improve the efficiency of your network while lowering your ownership costs with server virtualization.

The advantages include:

  • Fewer physical servers = Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimize the utilization of drive space on your network
  • Streamline upgrades, updates and software changes
  • Install multiple Operating Systems on a single hardware platform
  • Improved up time and reduced disaster recovery time