We build networks, applications and systems so businesses can run their best.
It's that simple. We diagnose, design and deploy solutions that work.


IAS delivers value-focused software solutions for companies who want to improve profitability through efficiency, process improvement and automated business functions. We are a versatile team with experience building custom software or tailoring turnkey software solutions.

Software has become so intertwined with modern business, that it is literally an extension of the workforce. In some cases, it is the workforce, working on the organization's behalf 24 hours-a-day managing operations, handling customer service inquiries, tracking processes, and other services tailored to your industry. When examining existing software to meet an operational goal, it's important to consider a variety of questions first. Questions like these help IAS form a framework for preparing the best solution for you.

  • Is a custom application necessary?
  • Will an off-the-shelf solution be a better fit for a certain need?
  • What legacy systems need to be integrated?
  • What assets are in place now?
  • What is the budget?
  • Who will maintain the software and what are their skills?
How many times do you wish your software application would do what you wanted. How many times have you asked why you need such a bloated software application to do such a simple task? Imagine a software solution that was built around your business processes, needs and best practices. That is something with real long term value.

  • Software should match your business processes
  • Increased efficiency translates to cost savings
  • Designed to grow and change with your business
  • A popular method to distinguish your business from competitors
  • Minimize redundancy through company-wide integration
  • Systems automation and process automation options
Transforming data into actionable information is at the core of custom software development. Utilizing a diverse range of software tools and database technologies allows us to provide best-in-class solutions as well as maintaining and integrating with legacy systems where required. A company needs to have the ability to choose the database that fits their size and needs as well as a scalable platform/programming language that will continue to grow with the business. Our knowledge of current and emerging technologies allows you to choose what works best for your business.

  • Database Configuration and Administration for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Postgres, and Microsoft Access.
  • Web Application Servers like WebSphere, Weblogic, and Apache Tomcat allow applications and data to be accessed through a web browser, providing fast, secure access to information. Even outside of the office, applications and information are easily accessible
  • Reporting software provides in depth analysis of data that leads to profitable business decisions. We offer reporting utilizing Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Reporting Services, and DHTMLX web tools

IAS utilizes a proven development model for software development to ensure the customer receives the desired solution. Continual customer interaction and review is a constant and key component through each stage in the development process. This helps guarantee a quality product that fits the customers’ needs that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Discovery and Solutions Review

  1. Discovery - Review your Business Needs and Processes as well as your goals and requirements
  2. Integration Assessment - Identify current infrastructure and platforms
  3. Business Process Alignment - Review current business processes in order to identify areas of improvement and ensure the software matches the required processes
  4. Solutions Review - What is the best fit for your situation: Custom, Semi-Custom, or Off-the-shelf. What are the viable alternatives? To ensure we are providing the most appropriate and valuable solution for your situation, we consider all potential solutions and discuss the pros and cons of each before moving forward with an implementation. Custom solutions are not always the right answer. Quality off-the-shelf packages are sometimes the best fit.

Systems Design

The simpler the system, the better the software. This is true from both a functional and maintenance viewpoint. Simplicity is rarely achieved by novices. Simplicity in design is the true hallmark of veteran software developers. And it is our goal on every system we design.

User Requirements Specification - The user requirements specification ensures that a comprehensive review and design has been assembled that will meet the projects goals, timelines, and budget. The customer's review of the user requirements specification ensures that the resulting solution will correctly fit their needs.

Application Programming

Intimate working relationships with our customers allows a full understanding of everyday problems and how best to address them. Working together, we often identify new needs, innovations and efficiencies where software can help.


Deployment consists of a solid implementation plan, user documentation, and training. Detailed communication with the customer's users ensures clear pathways for questions and troubleshooting. During the deployment phase, periodic reviews by the implementation team continue to ensure user knowledge is maximized and conversion to the new system is smooth and painless.

Post Implementation Assessment

An assessment should be conducted with end users and the implementation team to identify any gaps or areas of improvement. The assessment should occur far enough in the future to allow for substantial end user feedback.