We build networks, applications and systems so businesses can run their best.
It's that simple. We diagnose, design and deploy solutions that work.


Too many companies view their network and software as adversaries to daily tasks. Sometimes things work. Sometimes they don't. That isn't very productive. At IAS, our approach focuses on achieving two things:

  • An efficient working system that improves productivity

  • Explanations you can understand

Build the Right Solution for You - Stable. Sensible. Strategic. Smart.

Technology should simplify business, not complicate it. It should make business better, not more difficult. Ultimately, technology means tools for people and productivity. We ask the right questions:

  • What is your in-house staff capable of doing?

  • What is your operational wish list?

  • What do you want to be able to do?

  • Is your current software fulfilling your needs?

  • Are you aware of how other companies are leveraging software to achieve operational advantages?

Our solutions are efficient, cost effective and focused on improving the operational performance of your company.

IAS Core Competencies

  • Networking/Infrastructure

    • Network Design / Optimization

    • IT Monitoring and Maintenance Programs

    • Data Security / Recovery Plans

    • Managed Services

    • Network Infrastructure Audits

    • Backup / Disaster Recovery

  • Software Development

    • Application/Mobile Development

    • Systems Integration

    • Crystal Reports

    • Website Design and Development

    • Web Application Development

    • EDI

  • IT Consulting / Strategy

    • Business Process Development

    • Technology Budgeting & Planning

    • Business Technology Assessments

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