Remote Computer Support

Worry-Free Computer Support is Just a Phone Call Away

Your computer is the most critical tool you use to tackle your to-do list every day. That means you need your device to be optimized, effective and reliable, leaving you with no wiggle room for roadblocks. And, when a problem does occur you need it fixed efficiently and in record time.

At IAS, we provide the remote computer support you need to tackle your biggest computer challenges and get back to dominating your to-do list. Instead of experiencing extended downtime , we resolve your issues remotely without you having to ever leave your desk. And when your device needs a little more attention, we make an on-site visit to respond to your roadblock. Ultimately, our support technicians share the common goal of providing day-to-day harmony between computers and their users.

Conquer Your Computer Challenges

How does our remote computer support benefit you?

Minimizes Downtime – Your time is precious and you can’t afford to experience extended downtime. We fix your computer issues in record time without an on-site visit.
Empowers End Users – Your employees need to feel confident in their tools and resources. We work closely with them to ensure they know how to use their devices.
Gives 24/7 Support – When you have a computer emergency, you need a responsive partner working on a resolution ASAP. Our experts provide the support you need, when you need it, without leaving your desk.
Provides Monitoring – Catching issues before downtime occurs is vital to keeping you productive and efficient. We proactively monitor your devices to eliminate risks of workflow interruption.

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Your computer is your most valuable tool.

Make It Invincible
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