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Your server and network infrastructure is the heart of your business operations. So, when you experience downtime because of your server and network it’s not just frustrating – it impacts your productivity, revenue and customer confidence. You need scalable server solutions and network support that evolve and flow with your constantly changing needs.

If you’re dissatisfied with break-fix or pay-as-you-go models that typically don’t offer the coverage you need to ensure you can get back up and running without the extensive downtime, it’s time to migrate to our server and network management. IAS has the technology and expertise you need to increase your infrastructure stability without unpredictable fees that blow your IT budget. We monitor performance, resolve issues and ensure your systems are up and running so you can keep working and helping customers.

Take the Reins of Productivity

How does our server and network management benefit you?

Minimizes Downtime – When you can’t serve your clients or accomplish any of your tasks, your bottom line takes a hit. We proactively monitor your systems to stop red flags in their tracks.
Gives 24/7 Support – When you have an IT emergency, you need a responsive partner working on a resolution immediately. Count on our experts to provide the support you need, when you need it.
Reduces IT Costs – The cost of server hardware and network resources can add up quickly. Our network management provides you with a predictable monthly fee.
Enhances Security – Protecting your systems from inside and outside threats is our top priority. Our multi-layered approach keeps threats out, so you can work with peace of mind.

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