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Trash the Suspicious Emails in Your Inbox with IAS

You spend a majority of your day communicating and sharing important documents with others through your email. Communication is key – and essential to your productivity – but your inbox is an open door for malware and ransomware to sneak their way into your systems if you don’t know what to look out for. If you want to protect your team and your clients, you need to invest in reliable email security.

When you partner with IAS, you can count on our secure email services to keep your inbox in the clear. Our technicians protect you from spam, malware, viruses, email encryption and more. We work closely with you to train your employees how to spot malicious emails and prevent them from downloading corrupt files. Don’t let your inbox go unprotected for another day. Take the next step and ruin a hacker’s day.

Make Your Email Security Bulletproof

How do our secure email services benefit you?

Provides Security Training – Your security can only do so much if your team can’t tell the difference between a real email and a risky one. We provide them with security training to keep inboxes clear.
Increases Productivity – When you spend less time maintaining your email, you’re able to get more important tasks done. We remotely monitor your email environment to ensure its security and efficiency.
Gives Proactive Monitoring – It’s hard to maintain your email system when your to-do list is never-ending. We monitor your systems, document changes and resolve any threats.
Boosts Email Security – Spam, ransomware, phishing – you don’t want to see any of those things in your email. We manage and maintain anti-spam and anti-virus software to keep your communication protected.

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