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Trust Your Critical Applications with IAS

You might be unsure of why cloud application hosting is becoming a popular technological choice for organizations to host their critical applications. Well, it’s because your apps are crucial to how you get work done every day and you count on them to be up and running at all times. But, you can’t take care of core business functions when you’re patching software, performing countless upgrades and backing up data.

Let the IT experts of Information Age Systems take care of your applications with our cloud application hosting. Take advantage of an application environment with enterprise-class performance, resiliency and redundancy on a budget that fits you. We ensure your applications are properly installed, configured, secured and integrated, therefore reducing and even eliminating downtime.

Regain Your Workday

How does our cloud application hosting benefit you?

Maximizes Storage Space – When your business is growing, you need to make the most of your storage. Host your files in the cloud to cut down on the amount of space used on your devices.
Provides Constant Monitoring – The best way to resolve downtime is to prevent it from happening in the first place. We keep a proactive eye on the performance of your applications day and night.
Boosts Your Performance – Your to-do list is too long for you to be sidetracked by IT interruptions. We take care of all of your application needs and ensure that they’re running at peak performance.
Stays Current and Compliant – Failing to comply with federal regulations can result in broken trust and hefty fines. We perform preventative maintenance and ensure current licensing for your peace of mind.

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