Data Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery That Ensures Your Continuity

Your data is the heart of your organization. So, how long would your business operate if you lost all of your essential information unexpectedly? Our guess is not very long. Disasters happen, and people make mistakes – you need a data backup and recovery plan in place, otherwise an unplanned disaster will cause significant damage to your reputation and bottom line.

Don’t navigate the tricky waters of technology by yourself. IAS technicians schedule and monitor regular backups of your data, ensuring that when the unexpected occurs, you can quickly regain access to your files and keep business operating as usual. Plus, we run tests of your disaster recovery environment routinely so you can work with peace of mind knowing that everything works as planned.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

How do our disaster recovery solutions benefit you?

Helps Reach Compliance – Violating compliance and legal requirements can result in high fines and broken trust. We ensure all the gaps in your system are filled and that you maintain compliance.
Minimizes Downtime – When a disaster occurs and you have a proper data backup and recovery plan in place, you won’t have to worry about losing your data –  or the trust of your customers.
Ensures Your Continuity – Being prepared for a disaster is key to minimizing the damage. Our team of technicians implement a plan that keeps you up and running in the face of chaos.
Protects Your Reputation – Your customers do business with you because they know you’re trustworthy and reliable. Our job is to preserve that trust and maximize your availability.

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